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Alexandre Wielgus, fondateur Le Cintre W - foudre of Le Cintre W

Creator of high quality and customized clothes hangers, Alexandre Wielgus devotes his time and energy to the development of exceptional, individualized objects for demanding individuals and luxury hotels.

My goal: “To ensure stability and a long life for your clothes in your wardrobe with a twist of luxury and finesse“.

My primary concern is to create the most ergonomic and elegant hanger, with an exclusive design and the finest materials with the know-how of French craftsmenship.

We are constantly looking for new combinations of materials to create unique objects for every single client.


Alexandre Wielgus puts its expertise to the service of its clients to create bespoke clothes hangers, to individuals aesthetes around the world in search of unique items and professionals through client’s gifts.

Gainerie cuir crochet laiton Le Cintre W - leather sheathing for the inside of the hook
Luxury hotel - Luxury living - Le Cintre W - lecintrew

“I design clothes hangers that reflect your lifestyle and I select for you the most precious raw materials before dispatching them among craftsmen in Paris for a handcraft work of these exceptional pieces that can be likened to works of art “

With our unlimited choice of full-grain leathers, brass clock, carbon, or precious woods, among the most beautiful in the world, we handcraft each hanger as a unique piece of art that you will delight to admire and will highlight your best outfits.

Le Cintre W - lecintreW - Cintre en bois de padouk, laiton d'horlogerie finition prestige, gainerie de cuir de veau noir mat et médaillon chromé - Luxury hanger in padauk hardwood, plated black gum on brass and black calfskin leather sheathing