The awakening of the senses

Le Cintre W - Luxury hanger with precious ostrich leather - Cintre sur-mesure en cuir précieux d'autruche

Alexandre Wielgus offers a creative and emotional journey touching all your senses using a blend of creativity and technical knowhow for a practical and aesthetic result.

Visual: A unique design, focusing on ergonomic beauty and perfection in construction.

Aural: A cushioned tap as hang your hanger slots into your wardrobe with padding around the large hook to ensure stability.

Smell: Add your own perfume to a capsule, which fits into the hanger for a personal fragrance in your wardrobe. Capsule available by the end of 2017.

Touch: A harmonious blend of materials from quality hardwoods, the finest leathers, elegant metals, exclusive gemstones and glass decorations or composite materials from the best artistic studios.