Le Cintre W - lecintrew sycomore blanchi - laiton poli - galuchat noir - veau cognac -leccintreW flamed sycamore wood combined with black shagreen and cognac veal leather and polished brass

La Maison Le Cintre W brings together enthusiasts of sartorial elegance, design and craftsmanship allowing us to produce exclusive hangers tailored to individual tastes.

The high level of customization will produce your clothes hangers adjusted to your size and tailored to your image with a wide choice of materials selected to blend together.

Our work can be summarized as follows: “To fulfil our clients desires with a wide range of customization and attention to detail, where the only limit is your imagination”.

“For your homes, your yacht or your private jet, it is time for your clothes to feel extravagant even when you are not wearing them!”

La Maison Le Cintre W or the love of craftsmanship

Three milestones characterize the manufacture and combine the excellence of French expertise to the innovation of this bespoke product.

  • The main structure of the hanger is carved by hand with precious woods, according to the specific whishes and requests: oak, walnut, rosewood, flamed sycamore, padauk, zebrano or macassar ebony
  • The hook and the trousers bar are made with brass with different finishes: Polished, chromed, painted or bronze patina
  • Shoulders, the inside of the hook and the trousers bar are sheathed with exclusive leathers from french or exotic tanneries: Lambskin, calfskin, shagreen, python, alligator…
  • The ultimate customization comes with the set of precious stones: diamonds, sapphire, mother pearl…

Everything is possible and can be adapted to a specific occasion, a personality, a house decoration, or an individual desire.

Maison Le Cintre W’s creations

Détail sur la gainerie de cuir de python - focus on the python leather sheathing
Gainerie cuir croche Le Cintre W - leather sheathing for the hanger hook
Gainerie cuir crochet laiton Le Cintre W - leather sheathing for the inside of the hook
Le Cintre W - Alexandre Wielgus à la Fonderie d'art Rosini - Patine
Le Cintre W : Cintre luxe gainé de cuir de veau pleine fleur et de galuchat - luxury hanger sheathed with cognac calfskin and black shagreen